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Can you get inspired to make your own floor plans?

Making a floor Plan with CSS Grid? Talk about using the wrong tool for the job. But I guess this is what happens when someone isn't happy with any of the floor plans found on Pinterest; she'll start making her own for the eventual home that she will never own. Nevertheless, there's a home office with a large window to look out of pensively during rainy days and a ton of "white space" for the cats to run around.

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A pasta menu

Everybody loves pasta. It's impossible to not love them, so here are 15 recipes, served with GSAP. Note the easter egg — the menu icon changes according to the pasta that you choose.

Marvel at a magazine

A tribute of sorts to an era of cool superhero movies, this is a Marvel-themed magazine! Recommended, because it took 45 hours, so you know some serious dedication has been poured into this.

Let's adopt, don't shop.

Explore a style guide and various page layouts for a pet adoption site in the Style Guide collection. Inspired by the Atomic Design principle, this 8-pen collection includes a 404 page concept, an admin dashboard and what a Twitter user calls a 'media card zen garden'. Each pen comes with five (yes, five) color themes, including the precious dark mode.


Eight playful toggles to toggle on and off for your amusement. Is it possible to use these on your site and still adhere to assessibility rules? No. But there's a really cute dog one you have to see.

See the new and improved menu for Toasty!

More CSS Grid things like this one. Shelves, coupons and more!

Get your fill of more CSS Grid items in this collection. There are a total of 32 pens to date... well, 33, if you count this one too. What can you expect in this collection? The hidden gems, in my totally unbiased opinion, are the recreation of the Pac-Man layout and coupons inspired by junk mail. A lot of joke items of things that shouldn't be done in CSS Grid, such as a shelf? Bathroom tiles wtf? and makeup palettes . If you are a cultured person, you will have a chance to enjoy a couple of pens inspired by Harry Potter and Pokemon. On the rare occasion that you are looking at this profile for something you can use in production, you really shouldn't. But, there are some real-world applications, such as the recipe layout, the product catalog, and color palettes for a style guide.